Growing Right Here for over 100 years.
County Chamber History
Organized June 19, 1912, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce was composed of energetic, progressive men with the purpose of promoting a better community.

A social side was also seen by the Chamber to smooth out the complex wrinkles in local affairs and to keep the “wheels of progress” running smoothly. 
In 1923, the Chamber was granted a charter, which is registered at the Courthouse. The social club setting of the Chamber changed to a more serious outlook on business and industry with the faltering of the coal industry in the late 1940’s.The Chamber of Commerce became the main vehicle to help turn this economy around. A group of concerned business and professional men established the Indiana Community Development Corporation and the Greater Indiana Development Corporation to aid in raising money for industrial development. All of the donations were deposited into a rotating savings account, which still exists to this day. Some of the early industries to come to the county through Chamber efforts were Indiana Sportswear, Robertshaw controls, Season-all Industries and Fisher Scientific.

In 1960, the Chamber changed its name to the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce and developed a financial division to give aid to the industries interested in locating in the county. Though still mainly devoted to industrial growth and development, the Chamber has volunteer committees, which take on community and educational projects and programs. 

The Chamber of Commerce, its board of directors, staff and membership are determined to make Indiana County the most economically stable county in the state through industrial development.

We invite you to help us achieve this goal.

*Excerpt from the 69th Annual Dinner Meeting on October 21, 1981 at IUP’s Folger Dining Hall